Chad Burrow - Photo by Nathan Garfinkel

Photo by Nathan Garfinkel


Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by to check out my website! I am a clarinet teacher and performer. I am fortunate enough to teach clarinet at the University of Michigan and travel around the world to teach and play music.

Please feel free to contact me directly about the clarinet program at the University of Michigan (, or Performance Management International for concert bookings (listed in the contact section). Enjoy the site and stop by a concert if you have a chance!


Reviews are in for the CD of  Brahms and Schumann works for clarinet and piano.  Larry Guy from, The Clarinet, said, "I played this CD over and over and will continue to do so, not as a critic, but rather as an astonished listener - how do these two artist, at every turn of phrase, find new meaning and depth to this well-known and often played music...Mr. Burrow possesses a colorful, focused yet plush tone quality, excellent legato, faultless technique and wide dynamic range.  These attributes are coupled to a very special lyricism all his own...Together these performers produce an entity that becomes larger than the sum of its parts - the utter clarity and total unanimity of their ensemble, their perfect balance, the variety of their attacks and the way they pass phrases and build excitement make these performances unique and of the very highest level.  They have obviously studied this music deeply and have thought through not just every phrase, but every note in fantastic detail...Imaginative playing of this level permeates the entire disc...we should be grateful that Mr. Burrow and Ms. Cheng have made their spectacular artistry available to us."  You can buy this recording directly from Itunes, Amazon or CD Baby (

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Eminent performer…as a critic, you risk being short of superlatives.
-Henrik Svane, Thisted Dagblad (Denmark)


Capable of some of the most haunting sounds that I have heard from a clarinet.
-Robin McNeil, Opus Colorado


Beyond reproach...
-Rick Rogers, The Daily Oklahoman