Chad Burrow - Photo by Nathan Garfinkel

Photo by Nathan Garfinkel


Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by to check out my website! I am a clarinet teacher and performer. I am fortunate enough to teach clarinet at the University of Michigan and travel around the world to teach and play music.

Please feel free to contact me directly about the clarinet program at the University of Michigan (, or Performance Management International for concert bookings (listed in the contact section). Enjoy the site and stop by a concert if you have a chance!


Reviews are in for the new Trio Solari CD on Centaur.  David Shea from The Clarinet, said, "My initial impression of theis disc is that it is one of the most beautiful, pure and clean recordings I have reviewed over the past 15 years.  The ensemble is tight and clear and blends well to perfection resulting in performances that are expressive and filled with beautiful colors and textures. Each performer has opportunities to be featured and brings an expressive voice with great character and purity of sound.  The clarinetist, Chad Burrow, plays with great sensitivity and beauty, and manages to maintain what I would consdier the perfect clarinet tone throught the performance, and the entire recording.  (speaking of Bartok's, Contrasts) One is able to hear clearly the relationships and interaction of lines, which is refreshingly compelling.  It is the most beautiful performance of this pice that I have heard, which in itself makes it unique and different than other recordings currently available.  The performers still played with great energy, contrast and flair, but never pushed their sounds beyond their natural capacity.  Chad Burrow provides a great performance withich shows great mastery of tone, technique and musical sensitivity.  


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Eminent performer…as a critic, you risk being short of superlatives.
-Henrik Svane, Thisted Dagblad (Denmark)


Capable of some of the most haunting sounds that I have heard from a clarinet.
-Robin McNeil, Opus Colorado


Beyond reproach...
-Rick Rogers, The Daily Oklahoman