Thisted Dagblad

“Eminent performer…as a critic, you risk being short of superlatives.”

“Get the dictionary of synonyms and use the most beautiful words. They are all true.”

Henrik Svane, Thisted Dagblad (Denmark)

New York Times

"Clarinetist Chad Burrow and the pianist Amy I-Lin Cheng offered a bright and genial account..."

Steve Smith, New York Times

The Clarinet

"Chad Burrow's recital was one of the finest of the entire symposium.  From the contrasting repertoire selections to the thoughtufl execution of each phrase, every moment was engaging.  The recital began with a beautiful rendition of Brahms' F minor Sonata.  Next was Berio's Sequenza IX, and Burrow displayed his brilliant extended technical facility while also making the piece accessible.  The Cahuzac Variations sur un air du Pays D'oc was blissiful in its perfection.  He closed the program with KlezMusik (1995) by Simon Sargon, and the audience was quick to their feet in a standing ovation for a musician that is both entertaining to watch and awe-inspiring to hear."

Lauren Cox and Meghan Merciers, The Clarinet, Volume 41, Number 1

Viborg Bergske

"intense, humorous and perfect performance…”

“…[Burrow] convinced the audience [of the compositions value] and moved them. It was so emotional and intense, that one forgot time and place.” (Berg, Vier Stücke)

“Not least Chad Burrow’s body language was priceless and exactly matching with the music, which incorporated piercing sounds, frantic jumps, playful and sentimental moments, - yes humor and gravity. That this was brilliant is just mentioned as a matter of form.”

Jens Christian Hansen, Viborg Bergske (Denmark)

News and Reviews of Music in the Rocky Mountains

"..remarkable warm sound that Chad Burrow got from his clarinet."

"Chad Burrow is capable of some of the most haunting sounds that I have heard from a clarinet...Burrow gave a wonderfully mystical performance of Debussy's work."

"Again, in the Bernstein, I was absolutely awestruck by the tone with which Chad Burrow plays."

"Burrow and Cheng made this piece sound very easy, though I am convinced they were working very hard. Their sense of phrasing, which they share throughout the entire piece, was absolutely beautiful and delightful to hear."

"...this was a remarkable performance" (Bruch, Eight Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano)

Robin McNeil, Opus Colorado

Thisted Dagblad

"Alban Berg’s "Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano" followed next. This is a piece with a huge breadth of expression. The performance gave an almost violent experience by its intensity, as it was stretched to the uttermost regions of audible sound and expression. The interpretation was moving, poignant and exceptional.”

“Chad Burrow…once again created enthusiasm…setting a high international standard.”

Henrik Svane, Thisted Dagblad (Denmark)

Daily Oklahoman

"Beyond reproach..[played] with a full liquid tone."

Rick Rogers, Daily Oklahoman

Thisted Dagblad

"Brilliant technique and tonal beauty mixed with an expressive ferocity."

Thisted Dagblad (Denmark)

The Strad

"...performed with great flair."

Sarah Mnatzaganian, The Strad

Thisted Dagblad

"played without compromise, with great virtuosity, energy and power."

" a class of his own, with a sublime sound...striking interpretation, and unbelievable intensity of rhythm and nerve."
Thisted Dagblad (Denmark)